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Looking for high quality Plastic Mold & Parts at affordable price?We are here to solve your issue, A injection mold china company offer you the best sulotion for your injection molding parts and injection molds requirement A ISO 9001:2008 certified, Your Trusted Parts Assembly, Custom Plastic Molds, Plastic Molding Manufacturing & Die Casting manufacturing Partner in China We are not only make plastic injection molds and injection molded parts for you, but also your technical supporting team. We take care all of your part design issue and technical issue on your new products development. You have all of our team to success your business. We strive on ensuring quality and satisfaction of our customers and we guaranteed satisfaction.

Address: 1st floor , 37# , YuanXia Road , YuanJiang Yuan , Changpingzhen , Dongguan , Guangdong , 511700 , China

Phone: +86 (0)769-3366 9997


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