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CaseCamp is a Straightforward and Simple Project Management Software

It is a straightforward and simple project management software which has attractive features and capabilities. We need to keep our team and project members in a single and unified location. As we know, the platform has a clutter less and neat user interface that allows us smooth navigation and access to information as well as fast and seamless communication with our teams.

CaseCamp is Used by many international organizations and brands such as NDTV, Ericsson and makes it easy for us to control our budget and track our expenses, create daily schedules and assign tasks for our team members as well as set doable deadlines with milestones, monitor activities, and make reports from real-time information to create high quality and actionable activities.

There are huge benefits for using CaseCamp, among them I am going to discuss some benefits, these are:

• Our teams and Project managers need to be on the same page if the goal is to complete and work projects without creating any friction. It is known as a robust project management tool that provides us with the functionalities and tools that we need to work on various projects.
• It comes with traditional project management tools as like as other functional tools to-do list that can keep us updated on tasks and it needs to be completed and carried out the degree of priority and urgency associated with every task. We know, Gantt Chart analysis is a capability which provides many project management systems.

• Expenses and budget should go together when it is available for accomplishing and managing projects. With this system, project managers can easily create workable budgets and implement them without any effort. All types of expenses are monitored closely to define that expenditures that can be easily audited and all expenses are within our set budget. These activities enable team managers and project members to complete our projects within our financial limits. Best Free Online Project Management Software also provides us these opportunities.

It simplifies the managers to create schedules for our employees and assign tasks to the qualified worker. We can monitor absences, Leaves and hours worked are easily tracked, which allows senior managers to set and view schedules that work for all types of people. Time tracking system keeps us honest and empowered. We can see how each stuff spends her or his time. It encourages accountability and pushing workers to become more engaged and productive.

Attractive Features
• Gantt Chart Analysis
• Todo List
• Budget Management
• Ticketing system
• Employee Tracking
• Time Management
• Calendar
• Code or Github Integration
• Create Teams/Groups
• Document Management
• IOS App Tracking and Android App Tracking

Pricing Plans:
It offers 2 enterprise pricing options for potential users to consider. We can select the most suitable option for our business, these are:
• Portfolio Overview
• Project Planning
• Project and Phase Planning
• Project Budgets
• Unlimited Projects
• Project Status Tracking
• Custom Project Fields
• High-Level Tasks & Notes
• Resource Planning
• Budget Status Reports
• 50 GB or Unlimited space
• Expense Reports

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