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Java Training In Chennai – Preferred Programming Language

Java Training In Chennai – Preferred Programming Language

Over the 2 decades Java is ruling the roost in the programming world. Over the years it has gained strength with pathbreaking changes like Generics, Autoboxing in Java 5 and Enum. It has been the choice of Google for Android app development making it a front runner in programming languages. Though, the question on why it outsources C, which is one of the oldest programming language. If you are new to programming and want to make an entry into the programming world, then Java is the ideal choice.

Reasons Why Java is Preferred
• Java is surprisingly easy to learn with easy English syntax with less magic characters. It is easy to read and learn. Once the installation of JDK and configuring PATH is done it is easy to write a program.
• Java is a popular Object Oriented Programming language. It is helps to keep the system flexible, extensible and modular. It is an 100% OOPS language promoting use of Object Oriented design principles.
• In the library you can find best practices and design patterns.
• Java is loaded with rich API making it easy for programmers to code.
• It has some powerful development tools like Netbeans and Eclipse making it a pleasure to code. It is also comes with debugging capabilities, much needed for the real world development.
• It comes with a great compilation of Open Source Libraries. The Java development is faster and affordable and easy to develop.
• The programming language comes with superior community support. The community helps starters and advanced programmers. It promotes community habit.
• What more Java is free. You do not need to pay anything to create Java application.

Java is everywhere, it can be on your desktop or mobile or card. Programming is a huge field and if strong enough to last a few decades.

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