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Job Title:iTechshark
Job location : workfromhome
Job Category:Sales , 
Employment Type : Full-Time
Job Descriptions : iTechshark is everything Apple. iPhone repair, Mac repair, & iPad repair. Apple retail sales and service.
Hiring Company: iTechshark
Hiring Company Description: iTechshark is not your average repair store. We are your local Apple specialist. Our services include iPhone, iPad, & Mac Sales, Repair, and service. 100% free diagnostic and repair times much quicker than the Apple store. iTechshark sells certified pre-owned Apple devices with a warranty. || Address: 8450 Eager Road, Brentwood, MO 63144 || Phone: (314) 884-3232 || Website:
Skills : iPhone Repair, Mac Repair, Apple Store, Buy iPhone, iPad Repair
Email :
Compensation : Min amount: 1.00
Max amount: 10.00
Currency: USD
Time Period: Annually
Plus Commission:
Commission Only:
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