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Cell phones and accessories for 2017 are quickly attracting the attention of current and new Android and iPhone users. An example is cases, which do more than make a fashion statement. Available as socks, skins, and faceplates, it’s just like choosing the right home for your mobile equipment. The purpose of a case is to protect cell phones from exterior damage from the terrible 3-Ds: dirt, drops and dust. Choices include leather, plastic, metal, and silicone in a variety of colors, designs, and shapes. Interchangeable styles create a cell phone wardrobe for any occasion.

Ask people about how they feel about their cell phones and they nearly always start by raving about the camera. Browse through the cell phone accessories at You’ll discover a huge selection of photo-friendly tools that add to the fun of video and still shots. Purple Lenses cell phone camera kit is an example. It features a Smartphone tripod that provides a steady place to set the phone before taking a picture. The best photos (and videos) are easier to take with the Bluetooth remote shutter that fits on your keychain. and a universal 3 in 1 lens kit. Imagine the convenience of wide angle, macro, and fisheye lenses for your Samsung and iPhone, including the Galaxy S6 Edge, iPhone 6s Plus, and a myriad of other cell phones and styles.

Looking for more power? The 441 Wireless 6 item accessory bundle features a long stylus pen, HD stereo in-ear headphones, and USB 3.0 data cable. You’ll also get a 3.5mm auxiliary cord, 3.1 amp USB car charger and 1 amp USB fast wall home charger. The bundle is designed for K7/ Tribute 5 (T-Mobile / MetroPCS / Boost Mobile). The affordable price is even more amazing than the collection!

Useful attachments attract interest and add fun to your day. Enjoy a cool breeze with our 2-in-1 mini fan. You’ll get not one, not two, but three 9cm x 4cm x 4 cm fans. They fit Androids with Micro USB v2.0 or iPhones/iPads with a lightning connector. The fan blade length is approximately 3.75 cm each. These clever items are also excellent tools for blowing small bits of dust and debris out of keyboards and other machinery items where dust bunnies love to gather. The three fans are blue and white, white and green, and black and white. Weight of each fan is about an ounce.

Look at and compare cell phones and their features, such as Motorola’s Droid 3 Verizon Xt662 Verizon Cell Phone or the unlocked MOTO Z PLAY 32GB International Model 4G LTE. Select a few you like and decide which cell phone accessories you want. Check the requirements against the features for the mobile devices you’re interested in. Important details like battery use for each feature and total RAM are provided in the description. Portable power streamlines the recharging process to reduce the drain caused by games, apps, and video.

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