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Micah Brady

7919 Turncrest Dr,MD,
20854,United States

I’m a Therapist and Clinical Social Worker with over 17 years of clinical experience who specializes in couples and intimacy therapy, and relationship education. I use short-term therapy to help couples build or repair connection, communication, trust, and non-damaging conflict management. I’m a strong advocate of strengths-based, collaborative, and evidence-based approaches, and implementing strategies and solutions that give folks their best quality of life. To that end, I turn to the Gottman Institute of Relationships. Dr. John Gottman is the psychologist and mathematician who can predict with over 91% accuracy which couples will stay together or go their own way. I’ve been fortunate to train with him and the Gottman Institute, and I bring those skills and knowledge to my couples. I have a passion for helping couples learn how to connect on a deeper level, and how to make their love last. I look forward to meeting you soon!

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