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Matthew Dunne

66a, 33 Great George St,,West Yorkshire,
LS1 3AJ,United Kingdom

At Best Leeds Cleaning, we have pride in the high standards we set. Our work is first class and is fit for five-star reviews, which we look forward to receiving. Our job is to provide you with the quality of work you expect and give you the results you require. We supply for the following types of cleaning:
House Cleaning / All Domestic Cleaning
Manufacturing / Industrial Cleaning
Retail Outlets / Shops
Fitness Centres / Car Dealerships
Day Care / Education Facilities
Medical / Dental Centres
Construction Clean-ups
All types of Flooring and Carpet Cleaning
If you need a regular service or a one-off cleaning service, we have a specialised team in Nottingham ready and willing to assist you and take the weight and bother of cleaning off your mind. We have different cleaning plans that we can fit to your requirements. If by chance you require something different, we can provide you with a bespoke, personal plan tailored just for you! You’ll be involved 100% of the way but you won’t need to wear any marigolds or drag a hoover round! You are busy with your work and therefore don’t need to spend time when you come home to clean. Let us do it for you! Your spare time can then be recreation time – you know you deserve it.
On the Commercial Cleaning Services side you want all of your clients that visit your premises to have the best impression from their very first visit. We’ll take care of the cleaning for you to make sure you’ve nothing to worry about on the cleanliness side. You then use your valuable time, and your staff’s time on running your business, concentrating quality time on money making activities.
On the Manufacturing and Industrial Cleaning Services we have specialised teams that make sure that your premises are kept spotlessly clean, safe and healthy for your employees and your visitors alike. We will work around shift patterns as we have twenty four hours cover, so can make sure that you have a clean and tidy working environment for all shifts as they start their work on a positive note. We have found that your productivity will increase with employees that have the feeling that they’re being looked after, so you’ll find that our costs will be recouped and more.

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