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Lewis Morgan Physiotherapy

Lewis Morgan

Rear of 167 High Street,Essex,
RM11 3XS,United Kingdom

Lewis Morgan Physiotherapy is a premier physical therapy facility based in Hornchurch. We believe in delivering results, we strive to ensure that every patient gets personalised and effective treatment. We offer physiotherapy, acupuncture and reflexology, and use experienced professionals who ensure the patient truly recovers physical health. Whether you are dealing with physical mobility issues, chronic pain, or psychological strain, you will have a lot to gain from using our services.
Clients get the privacy they require as well as the attention they need to resolve their health problems and live more active and fulfilling lives. If you are dealing with chronic back or neck pain, sports injuries, post-surgery mobility issues, or other forms of physical problems, the professionals at our clinic have what it takes to make things better. At all times, our doors are open to patients in need of physical rehabilitation and other kinds of physical well-being.

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