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Bob Block

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If you need a bail bond posted, are looking for the best bail bondsman, or just wanting to understand the different types of bonds a court can set, you are in the right place! Bob Block Bail Bonds is St. Louis’ oldest and largest family owned bail bond company, and we have been helping keep feet on the street since 1959! If your friend or loved one has been arrested and is currently in custody, and bail has not been set yet, it could take as long as 24 hours to have it set. Once the bond has been set, you should consider hiring a 24 hour Bail Bondsman in Missouri to post your bail. Bob Block Bail Bonds St. Louis, MO will post your bond for only a small fraction of the full bail amount. Generally, Bob Block Bail Bonds St. Louis, Mo charges a 10% fee for the service and will cover the full bail amount for you.

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