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Paul Briant

286 Wellington St,VIC,

Astroboyracer mountain bike servicing, rebuilding, suspension and disk brake specialist in Collingwood Melbourne Australia. We service all MTB’s with personalised customer service, including race and trail tuning that is essential to optimise your racing skills, or mountain trail tracks on the weekends. Regular servicing and repairs are essential to keeping your bike running at it’s best, affording you easier kilometres as you traverse your daily tasks around town or smashing up the trails. Paul specialises in suspension rebuilds and tuning, to fill a growing gap left by under trained staff and a growing number of suspension bikes in the industry. Custom wheel building is an essential part of customising your bike for looks of weight loss, we custom build any wheels for any bike. Melbourne’s only freelance bicycle mechanic, serving the community of Melbourne since 2004. Paul has been building and servicing bikes all his life, its his passion, hobby, and inspiration for life.

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