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West Side Animal Clinic

West Side Animal Clinic

1499 Main Street,OH,
45013,United States

West Side Animal Clinic is a
full-service, compassionate veterinary medical clinic offering a breadth of animal care
services in Hamilton, Ohio. OwnerDr. Sara Hortonand her team
of highly trained veterinarians, vet assistants and techs - some of who have
more than 30 years experience - are committed to providing the most professional
and loving care to their patients through a full scope of modern services.Using only state-of-the-art technology, West Side Animal
Clinic is fully equipped to provide first-class medical care. From
administering wellness exams and routine vaccines to more advanced diagnostics
and complex surgical procedures, this medical staff is fully trained to handle a
wide range of medical services. There is also an on-site laboratory, radiology
center for X-rays, animal hospital, and a fully stocked pharmacy here. So when
your pet needs the best of care, you can rest easy knowing you only have to
make one stop to get it.West Side Animal Clinic also knows how important your pets’
nutritional health is in regards to their overall well-being, and so they offer nutritional
counseling. Through this unique program, owners go home with a wealth of
knowledge on how to better feed their pets, maintain good eating habits, and
make sure they’re healthy and happy for years to come.The highly-qualified staff at West Side Animal Clinic is not
only committed to providing the best possible medical care for your pets, but
also promoting responsible pet ownership, preventative healthcare and other
health-related education. With decades of combined staff experience and a
cutting edge facility offering both medical and nonmedical animal care, it’s
clear why West Side Animal Clinic is
the number one choice among pet owners in the Hamilton area. Visit them online
or call (513) 892-5916 to make an
appointment today.

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