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CJC Judgment & Paralegal Services

CJC Judgment

23 Wright Ave.,NY,
13021,United States

Sometimes, consulting with—let alone actually hiring—a
lawyer is just too expensive. And deserving people shouldn’t have to give up their
rights simply because they can’t afford legal counsel. That’s why CJC Judgment & Paralegal Services exists.
Their assistance has helped numerous clients navigate the complexities of
judgment enforcement, legal contracts, small business loans, and much more.Founder Christa Centolella is an independent paralegal, a
notary, and the CEO of a Music Distribution and Marketing company. She created CJC with
the aim of providing support to clients—and small businesses—who can’t afford
to retain attorneys. As an NFPA (Registered Paralegal), NAIS Investigative
Specialist, and real estate consultant and investor, she has an extensive
wealth of legal knowledge to her credit, and she’s been practicing since 2006. Partner
Tom Stuart is a retired engineer, paralegal, and certified judgment enforcer,
and both are available for consultations.What kind of aid can paralegals
offer their clients? For one thing, because they work so closely with attorneys,
paralegals have firsthand experience with many proceedings, both in the
courtroom and behind the scenes. They can help with credit issues, background
checks, audits, case research, financial, credit and debit counseling, and a
host of other processes. Too, an independent paralegal works solely for him or
herself. And that means that they’re free to work with anyone of their choice. Best
of all, their services are actually monetarily feasible!To find out more, or to make an
appointment with Christa or Tom, call CJC
Judgment & Paralegal Services today at (315) 256-0601.
Top of the line legal advice doesn’t have to come at top of the line prices, so
don’t hesitate to reach out now!

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