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We at Carpet Cleaning Newcastle, Carpet Cleaning Gateshead and surrounding areas thank you for your interest in our website.
Sometimes things just pile up when you don’t mean for them to, and your housework gets put onto the backburner. Maybe you’ve had a tenant that left their house or flat at the end of tenancy in a huge mess. Have you been doing DIY and don’t want to deal with the deep clean that comes afterward? Did your teenager throw a party while you were gone for the weekend?
Let us help you!
We love to clean, and your chores are our dreams. Covering everything from window cleaning to full house and end of tenancy cleaning, we are the choice for you!
You’ve been busy at work. You’re remembering to let the dog out, but that once a week cleaning slowly turned into a once every two weeks. You’re still busy, so that bi-weekly cleaning became monthly, then bi-monthly, then half a year. Now, it’s been a year and the dust is so thick that you could make handprints in them and send them to your mum for mother’s day.
Don’t do that. I guarantee you, she won’t be happy. What she will be happy about is if you call her, and then after you call her, give us a call to clean that dust. Thick dust doesn’t bother us at all! We’ll go through your rooms with a fine tooth comb, and ensure that the thick layer of dust that’s accumulated over the year will be gone. As much as we love bunnies, we have no problem getting rid of dust bunnies!
Let us deep clean your house!
You decided to rent out your flat that you own. You’d always been told that it would be a great investment, and it has been. Sometimes your tenants were a little late on the rent, but they were good people, and you were upset when they had to leave.
They gave you notice, and had their stuff packed up and out by the time they said they would. You know you’re going to have a little cleaning to do, but it’s not going to be that bad. Obviously, nobody’s perfect, right?
When you walk into the flat, you could almost shed a tear. In the kitchen, there are stains all over the place, and the floor looks like an atomic bomb went off. There are stains that you don’t even know what they are, and you’ve been renting for a while.
Gulping, you walk around the corner into the living room. At least it’s better in here, but not by much. There’s a thick layer of what can only be described as gunk on the carpet, and you know that you’re going to have to vacuum at least three times to pick it up.
You don’t even have the stomach to walk any further into the house. You back up, almost in tears that such a beautiful flat has had this done to it, and grasp for the door. Your hand lands on the knob, and you work your way outside. After taking a few breaths, you work up the courage to call us.
Don’t worry, we live for this! We’ll clean those stains, even the ones that you’re not sure what they are. That doesn’t bother us, we aim to give you floors that are so clean it looks like they’ve never been walked on before.
We’ll move onto the lounge, where that thick layer of whatever it is on the carpet stands no chance! We at Carpet Cleaning Newcastle stand behind our work, and guarantee that you’ll be pleased!
What you didn’t see when you didn’t move further than the main room was what the bathroom and bedrooms were in about the same shape. When you hire us, though, you won’t ever have to see that!
We’ll take care of it, and by the time we’re done with it, it’ll look like a brand new house!
Or maybe you had that room that nobody liked to see. You had a perfect house, minus that one unsightly blight that you couldn’t bear to go into. So you called over the remodelers. They did a great job, and now nobody’s going to know that you were once embarrassed of that room.
What they didn’t do such a great job of was cleaning up what was left over after they were done. I get
it, they were busy trying to make your room look wonderful, but was it too much to ask for them to pick up a broom and sweep a little bit? For them to at least dust down everything that the dust and grime that they created landed on?
Alas, they didn’t, and now you’re stuck with the cleaning. Or maybe you’re not! That’s why we’re here! We want to do that for you. There’s a reason that we offer after building carpet cleaning. Whether it takes one time or five times, we’ll get that carpet cleaned for you, and make it look like you just put in new carpets as well!
So you left for the weekend, and left your teenager at home. You told them to be responsible, and you truly thought they would be. So it was a huge surprise when you came home, and they had to explain to you that although they had cleaned up all the alcohol bottles and everything else from the party they threw, they could not get the stains in your carpet out.
As you walk room to room, they point out the different stains – There’s a little wine there, beer over there, and right where you’re standing somebody couldn’t hold their liquor.
After you ground them indefinitely, give us a call! We’ll come over and make that wine stain vanish from sight. Beer? No problem for us! Upchuck? How about clean up! We’ll take care of those stains, and by the time your teenagers allowed out again, they’ll think that you decided to just go with new carpet!
Let Carpet Cleaning Newcastle handle all of your cleaning needs, because your mess is our dream! Call us now, or fill in the form for us to call you!
Oh and we clean carpets in Jarrow too!!! And please do not forget Whitley Bay as well. And now in carpet cleaning Sunderland and carpet cleaning Durham.

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