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Forex HQ limited

N Coombs

110 Bishopsgate,Greater London,
EC2N 4AY,United Kingdom

Forex HQ was designed to appeal to traders of all experience levels with market commentary and technical analysis alongside educational material for new traders. Our aim is to provide market insight in an easy to understand manner with less ‘noise’ and more substance. There are sections covering a broad range of products including CFDs, Spreadbetting, Options and Forex. A popular tool for new traders is our learn to trade forex guide which we give away free of charge. We are based in London, the heart of the world FX markets. That gives us the benefit of two major markets opens (Europe, US) and means news that matters gets to you promptly. All contributors to Forex HQ trade the markets on a regular basis; we believe this is vital for us to be able to produce accurate trader analysis instead of just regurgitating the headlines.

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