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Red Line Logistics

Patricia Garcia

1420 Royal Industrial Way,California,
94520,United States

Red Line Logistics is a carrier services company with 50 years of industry experience. However we\'re a little different than most companies that contract with truck drivers—we don\'t use cross country freight lines. Instead, we work with two-axle owner/operators in the California Bay area. Our drivers are assigned consistent local loads— with the objective of getting you home at the end of every shift. Unlike traditional over-the-road freight companies, our loads usually travel from one local site to another. That\'s why, over our 50-year history, we\'ve always used local drivers and motor carriers. When you work with us, you can usually deliver five or six full loads in a day, while someone driving over the road may not even complete a single load in the same amount of time.

If you think the Red Line way of doing business might be a good match for you and your career objectives, we are ready to arrange trailers for bulk materials deliveries. All you need is a truck (2-axle-truck), a willingness to handle consistent loads, and the desire to be home with your family every night.

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