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iBeesWorld offers Best USB data cables - Type-C, Lightning, Multi 3 in 1 Cable for all types of smartphones, laptops, tablets for fast charging and secure data transmission.
iBeesWorld offering Long & Tough USB data cables with premium quality for quick charging and secure data transfer with long durability in best rates.

With start-ups taking the world by storm, iBees sets forth to put its foot into the premium mobile accessories market. The company founded in China that strives towards the integration of innovation to produce smart products. Starting with providing Premium quality data cables to charge mobile phones and transfer data. Each model of mobile phone has a different cable which is finely curated. The production of the data cable undergoes with detailed process where every element is looked after. From the core of the data cable to the outside weaving process, the entire product is crafted with perfection. We build right quality of products that don’t harm to the device.

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