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Stucco Art

Stucco Art

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Stucco is a very attractive solution for finishing a home. It can add a touch of class and modernity to an otherwise old and lifeless home or it can be a practical and cost-friendly solution for raising the property value of a home that is to be put up for sale. Our stucco experts have been installing, designing and repairing traditional stucco for homes and businesses since 2002. Stucco is a material consisting of a binder, an aggregate and water. Stucco is applied wet and will dry to a very hard and dense solid. Stucco is used to decorate walls and ceilings and is often used to improve the appearance of less attractive materials like concrete, cinder-block, or bricks. Traditionally stucco was made of a combination of lime sand and water however in modern times we’ve begun to use cement, sand and water. Occasionally acrylics and glass fibres are added to the mixture to improve the strength of stucco.

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