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Blake Brothers International Inc

Blake Brothers

7 Northern Blvd Amherst,NH,
03031,United States

William Blake has dedicated years to traveling throughout Asia, collecting jewelry and handicrafts, building relationships, setting up production, and channeling his finds back to the United States for sale. It was in Thailand that Bill met his wife Suan. Together, Bill and Suan traveled throughout Thailand and Indonesia seeking out gorgeous pieces of handmade sterling silver jewelry and unique Teak wood carvings to present to retailers in the United States. Though they are now living in the U.S., Bill and Suan continue to travel from west to east and back again regularly, never ceasing to hand-pick rare and beautiful jewelry for our customers, refreshing our inventory with both new and classic styles each time. We offer an array of STAINLESS STEEL RINGS, PENDANTS, BRACELETS, NECKLACES, EARRINGS, FINDINGS, AND MORE, manufactured in China. High-quality STAINLESS STEEL CHAIN in a large selection of lengths and styles. Download our NEW STAINLESS STEEL CATALOG and call for information about VOLUME DISCOUNTS.

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