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Project Success Incorporated

Project Success Incorporated

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Imagine that a company must execute a strategically important project, such as the development of a new product, software system or marketing program.

At the start of the project, the project team will have a very low worry level. In the face of seemingly minor issues or delays, one might hear the common refrain, “There’s plenty of time to get the project done.” We call this honeymoon period “Uniformed Optimism.” During this period, project worry is postponed.

As the project deadline begins to creep over the horizon, the project team gradually transitions into “Vague Concern.” Its symptoms include that queasy feeling in the project manager’s stomach whenever he/she thinks about the project (so they just don’t think about it). Team cohesion begins to crumble as team members begin to think about their career and build defensive strategies to shift potential blame. Worry escalates!

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