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Used Car Dealer

Used Car Dealer

630 Allendale Rd,PA,
19406,United States

At the foundation of World Auto Sales is a desire to bring drivers an assortment of used vehicles capable of transforming an everyday commute into something a little more extraordinary. This is why we sell cherry-picked vehicles.

Most of our vehicles are hand picked from dealership serviced trade-ins. They are typically in excellent condition and no, we are not afraid of high miles on some of them. What we have learned is that, if the car was serviced, driven and maintained properly it can serve way over what people would expect! We have seen cars drive over 250k miles that still sound good and look nice. Nevertheless, most vehicles that we offer for sale come with a 3o-day in house warranty for your peace of mind which can be upgraded to a 4-year service contract in most cases. We offer cheap cars for sale, auto sales, car dealerships in Philadelphia.

We believe that it is possible to build a healthy business that is based on honesty, respect and passion. That is what makes America great, a free enterprise.

We guarantee the best prices in the rang of 150 miles without compromising the quality and service. We love making our customers happy.

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