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1111 Southampton Rd,MA,
01085,United States

Address: 1111 Southampton Rd,Westfield, MA 01085, United States
Phone: (313) 768-1400

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Hollingsworth provides logistics solutions to the manufacturing and distribution communities. The company provides assembly and sequencing which includes assembling electronic components, and complex sequencing to build automotive modules; fulfillment and distribution; packaging services for businesses in the aerospace, retail/e-commerce, healthcare, electronics, automotive, government and consumer goods industries; kitting services to support subscription-based fulfillment and other needs; warehousing and inventory storage; program management; and reverse logistics which include repackaging, return management, and tracking and re-integration into the supply chain

Categories: Logistics Services
Keywords: Logistics Service, 3PL, Fulfillment, Warehouse, Distribution Center
Business hours: 06:30am-03:00pm

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