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Lurae Lumpkin

7150 E Camelback Rd,AZ,
85251,United States

LuRae Lumpkin NYC is a Scottsdale, Nevada based Global Business Consulting firm. The firm was founded by LuRae Lumpkin, a highly accomplished International Business Leader and Marketing & Advertising Executive living in Scottsdale. We specialize in Business Consulting to address revenue, profitability, advertising, marketing & employee retention and engagement .

Helping Agencies and Large Corporates Maximize A&M ROI
With over a two decades of business experience from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, LuRae possesses a strategic depth and business insight. When optimally leveraged, her expertise can add millions of dollars to your bottom line. Contact us for a fresh perspective and experience across vertical industries.

When you engage LuRae Lumpkin NYC, you are inheriting an unmatched "digital rolodex" of unbelievable talent scattered across the globe.
She is a skilled facilitator of digital disruption, innovation and transformation, achieved through agile innovation processes and techniques, interwoven upon a tapestry of exceptional on-demand talent across all geographies and time zones. Here's a small sample of our reach.

I'm a Global Connector of people, businesses, and talent - from start-up to Global Fortune 500. My passion is in helping businesses and individuals solve problems. I'm an expert at helping remove any blocks and help foster company and professional growth. I understand millennials and how to address the cross-generation miscommunication that's happening in many workplaces.

By profession, experience and passion - my background and expertise includes:

- Global Connector & Business Leader having done business & led teams managing work in 100 countries and 42 languages
- Advertising & Marketing Executive for the largest advertising & media agency in the world
- Chief Marketing Officer for a Fortune 500 company
- Leadership and High Performance Team Expert
- Millennial Expert: Speaking and Teaching to bridge the multi-generational divide
- Millennial | AIESEC Mentor: Guiding and Supporting Millennials who are out to change the world
- United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Advocate - working with PVBLIC Foundation to connect bright business people and causes together for Social Good
- Business Growth & Development Expert - participated in and helped three start-ups grow to acquisition
- Start-Up Business Expert: I was taught early in my career how businesses launch successfully & succeed
- Certified Professional Coach - Business & Leadership/Aspiration Expert
- TV & Radio spokesperson on Millennial, Workplace and Business related topics

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