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Our History
Worldwidehealth.com was established in 1998 as an on-line Health Directory, bringing you a central source of health related information covering many aspects of conventional to alternative and complementary therapy/medicine.

Worldwidehealth.com covers a wide range of topics ranging from Acupuncture to Yoga including 88 different categories, currently operating in six countries; United Kingdom, Ireland, United States of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The website is divided into 8 main areas: Health Directory, Health Library, Training Courses, Health News, Products, Resources, Associations and Ecards.

Health Directory
The Health Directory contains many classified advertisements from a wide range of companies presenting their products and services.

Health Library
The Health Library is an ever expanding area of articles submitted by 'class authors' covering a wide variety of topics with helps and suggestions for treating many health related complaints. This section is divided into three main sections:- General Articles, Health Eating, brief health tips and a fun library of 'Old Wives' Tales.

Training Courses
Within your category of interest, search through available training courses, listed by worldwidehealth members. Find out course information, including cetificates / creditations available, date, cost and even contact the course organisers directly, by filling in the contact form available on the course information page, if you have any questions. Courses may also be home study or those you prefer distant learning or are not able to travel long distances.

Health News
The Health News covers approximately 100 different categories linking into many vibrant news feeds from the different countries, with an up to date daily, local and international health bulletins.

Within your category of interest, search through products listed by worldwidehealth members. You can then easliy find out more information by following the link straight to the website where the product can also be bought.

Find out more about your category of interest, by searching through resources, which are primarily books, CDs, and DVDs. You can then find out more information by following the link straight to the website where such resources can also be purchased directly from the company.

There are many alternative health associations in the world, and it is our aim to help browsers become aware of them and what each has to offer, often as a non-profit organisation, and how you can become involved or receive information packets and updates.

healthEcards is a gallery of fantastic photographic art. you can simply click and send, to your friend! We also welcome all ecard design submissions.

WorldwideHealth.com is developing many more exciting new features, we also welcome all types of suggestions to bring our browsers features they want to see.

If you would like to list your company in the worldwidehealth directory, please visit our advert listings' information page: http://www.worldwidehealth.com/add_details_directory.php

should you have any questions, please visit our contact us page or send an email to: info@worldwidehealth.com

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Contact No: 0870 740 8282